My first musical influence

I’ve always been a music fan. I don’t know where it came from in my gene pool but it’s 100% a part of me.

My mum was blown away when we were at the shops and we walked past a record store. I pointed to a record and said “Look Mum, Rod Stewart!”. I was a young young kid at that point and she had no idea I had any interest or was aware of music. She was floored!

I also remember watching some music show on TV, I THINK it was Solid Gold. Rod Stewart was on and I just loved it. But we had to go out so I couldn’t watch it all. We had a Beta Video Cassette Recorder, I had no idea how to work the thing but I switched it to the right channel and left the power on so I could watch it later. Of course pressing record would’ve been helpful 😉

I for the longest time had no idea what song it was that I loved of his. I think it was Young Turks which came out in 1981 but the timeline doesn’t work out right if Rod Stewart was really my first musical impression as I discovered Kiss sometime over 1979/1980… *shrug*

Regardless, this song Young Turks still lights me up. It’s pretty poppy sounding with the electric drums and synths but his voice is killer and that chorus is just amazing, full of emotion.

It’s interesting to see now that the great Carmine Appice was a writer on this one. Carmine played drums on Paul Stanley’s 1978 solo album which is one of my all time favourite albums.

Photo © George Rose Photography

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