The Drought is over…

It’s my birthday tomorrow and I’ll be turning one of those big milestone numbers… oh the horror! For me it’s turning into new years resolution time, a chance for new beginnings. The planets have aligned and I’ve been finally been able to clear out some baggage that has been haunting me for a while and it feels great!

My first song ‘Drought Breaker’ has been hanging around for a long long time. I’ve been treating it as my learning project and benchmark for future tracks so I’ve taken the time to get it right. Lately I’ve felt I’ve been really close to wrapping it up once and for all and I mentioned to a friend I should get this out of my hands before that big birthday…

I pushed and pushed the mix as far as I could. The other day I even re-amped the guitars AGAIN. I found there were some funky frequencies coming through and I was trying to do too much with eq to fix it so I turned to the source to fix it. I used the acoustic panels to tame some of the room sound as I mentioned in my previous post and simply turned the SM57 slightly off axis, everything else was the same.

After re-amping and dropping the new version into my mix I realised that this was a better take, I had previously re-amped the wrong track! It definitely pays to take a moment to keep your tracks organised, luckily I picked this up now.

So with those changes I have a mix I’m pretty happy with and I’ve finally run out of ideas to improve it… it’s time to move on 🙂

I’m so excited to announce that Roman Klun will be mixing this song! He is a 2x Grammy Nominee and Oscar winner who has worked with the likes of Anthrax, Tony Levin, Sarah Mclachlan and Steve Gadd to name just a few. This will most definitely be the final piece of the puzzle and set the benchmark for the songs to come. I can’t tell you how excited I am to hear what he does, how close I got to a professional mix 😉

I sent my mix to Roman last week and I must say it was a little scary! I respect him and his work so much and have tried so hard to create a professional product, end to end. I was so happy to get the following feedback:

“The track sounds great – nice composition and performances!”

So great to hear those words after all of this time working on this song.

I’ll be preparing exporting the tracks tomorrow and getting my studio time booked in.
I can’t wait to finally share this track with you 🙂

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