Song number two

Now that my first song has been sent off to mix I can FINALLY move onto the next song.

That song is called ‘Big Boots’. It’s a big stomping fun instrumental rock guitar song. The drums were recorded earlier this year by John O’Reilly Jr at Boom Crash Drums. Bass has also been completed by my buddy Nick Diiorio  from Crazy Town.

All the main melodies are written and are sounding great. I improvised the ‘solo section’ and I’m pretty happy with what I’ve got there. Yesterday I started transcribing the solo and re-writing anything that I think can be improved. I love that the solo is based on my improvisation, there’s an excitement and edge that I don’t think can be replicated in a 100% composed solo.

The only other instrument left to be recorded is an organ part. When I got the B3 Organ part from Todd Phipps for Drought Breaker I was so inspired that I sat down and wrote this song with the organ part in mind.  I never intended the organ to be a part of Drought Breaker but now I want that sound as a core part of my ‘band sound’, I just love it!

It’s amazing how raucous the organ can sound. Drought Breaker had the organ sitting back in the mix which was a shame but the mix can’t have everything at the front all of the time, something had to give. It was such a cool part so I’m excited  that it can be nice and forward in this new song.

There’s less layers in this song too which gives all of the instruments more space to breathe – less is more as they say! There’s only a single guitar part which carries the rhythm and lead duties, it’s a lot of fun to play! Steve Vai fans can think Alien Love Secrets as far as this stripped down instrumentation approach.

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