One step closer… the mix is done!

The past couple of days have been very exciting and a huge milestone for me. I got the mix for my debut song ‘Drought Breaker’ back from the studio in New York!

I literally broke out into a sweat when I sat down to have my first listen. This song is the culmination of 8 years (very part time) research and work to create a professional song at home. To finally hand it over to someone else and say it’s finished is a huge thing to do but I must say all the hard work and patience has paid off. I’m so happy with this mix! I only had a couple minor tweak requests to get it to exactly where I wanted it.

To add to the great feeling of accomplishment Roman who mixed the song posted this compliment on Facebook:

Roman Klun comment on Facebook: Felt like I was mixing Joe Satriani... awesome track!
Roman Klun comment on Facebook

Now I need to seriously plan how to release this song!! The song still needs to be mastered and I will make a video (or two) for it too. I need to make some time to finish my website as well as work out how to actually release the song too!

My initial research suggest I need to join APRA AMCOS in Australia to manage the rights (royalties). I’ll most likely release my song through CD Baby. I like that there’s no annual charge – just a onetime fee per song (or album).

If anyone out there has tips or advice I’m all ears! Please leave a comment below.

Make sure you’ve joined my mailing list so I can let you know when a release date has been locked in 🙂

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  1. hey Chris, we used cd baby to release our ep. Worked really well and really easy. They distribute it everywhere else like iTunes. They distribute it to sites that charge money and if you want, sites that do free downloads. I think bandcamp is a must. If you direct people there then you can get their email address too which helps for future marketing. Bandcamp is separate from cd baby so will have to set that up yourself. Very easy. We never signed up with AhPRA maybe due to laziness or maybe due to the fact that we would never get any airplay! Still you never know so maybe you should. Good luck with the single. I look forward to hearing it!

    1. Thanks Luke! So sorry, just got to this message now, we moved into our new house after the last post and EVERYTHING music wise was put on hold while we worked on it. Appreciate the feedback, CD Baby was looking like the best option for me. Will investigate BandCamp too.

      New blog post going up soon… the wheels begin to roll again! 🙂

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