New drums for the new year

Well it’s been a while since my last blog post. The insanity of pre-Christmas, Christmas and New Years is out of the way now and I can see some breathing space in site. Fingers crossed I get some more time to work on my tunes!

But there has been a positive start to the new year. I’ve once again taken up the services of the amazing John O’Reily Jnr at Boom Crash Drum Tracks to record drums for my second song “Big Boots”.

This one is a big driving rock guitar instrumental that I wrote probably a year or so ago. This song came together pretty easily, I didn’t force it or over think it and the results are great.

I gave John what was basically a scratch track – I recorded while I wrote it and improvised parts. It wasn’t awful but there were definitely some sloppy parts in there but I felt it was strong enough for him to play to and the structure of the song was solid so I was confident there wouldn’t be any more changes in that department.

I sent John my demo with a click track and my programmed drummed removed as well as my full demo (drums included) for his reference. His first take nailed 80% of the tune, the 20% being the choruses which he tackled in a different way to how I perceived it.

I hadn’t really taken the time to analyse what I’d written but it turns out that I had a 4/4 groove in the chorus but was playing a ¾ riff over the top! Odd but it really works. John was hearing ¾ of my guitar and emphasised this rhythm. It was interesting to hear it like this and a bit odd to my ears at first but after a few listens I got it but I still liked my original version. I thought a bit about these two options and though it’d be awesome to run with the 4/4 version for the first two choruses and then ¾ version for the last chorus. This really helped move the song and build some excitement at the end of the song – the perfect compromise! I just wouldn’t have gotten this result by me working alone with a ‘drum machine’.

With two more tiny punch-ins we were done! It was such a fun and easy process. All re-takes were for creative reasons, technically everything was spot on.

I’m looking forward to getting the multi-tracks shortly and moving onto the next step! In fact, they’ve just arrived in my email box – good times!! This song will be HUGE!

I highly recommend you check out John for drums for your session!

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